The North Belfast Men’s shed is home to a fully equipped machine workshop which contains various tools and machines that include a chop saw, band saws, mitre and pillar drills, sanders, lathes, a grinder as well as a large supply of hand tools including routers, planers, sanders and cordless drills.  

This use of the workshop in the company of others provides a great opportunity for Shed members to learn and share new skills. It also allows them to work as a collective and manufacture products that can be donated to local schools project (e.g. the buddy bench) or to be sold to generate additional income to help sustain the Shed and its activities in the long term. 

“I’ve learned a lot: I have never made anything in my life and here I’ve used lathes, drills and saws which I previously shied away from and have made pens, fixed tables, made bird boxes, etc. It’s been very enjoyable and given me a real sense of achievement and pride”.

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